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Decanter. Best new Spanish wines: 18 to try. Altos de Losada 2018, 92

14 de September de 2021

Alongside its classic styles, Spain is producing a raft of exciting alternatives, taking advantage of new winemaking techniques while rediscovering native grapes and reinventing traditional styles. Chris Wilson recommends a selection of classic and new-wave bottles from recent tastings.

Altos de Losada 2018, vino de villa de Valtuille de Arriba
The thick-skinned Mencía grape can produce butch, heavy wines but here it’s showcased in all its floral, red-fruited glory. A light-footed approach draws out the strawberry jam and blueberry characters, which are nicely off-set by toasty oak and a smidge of set honey on the finish. Refreshing and approachable.

Drinking Window 2021 - 2028

by Chris Wilson

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Losada Godello 2020 Excellent concentration and length

01 de September de 2021

The american critic James Suckling scores our Losada Godello
beautiful words and tasting.

Green apple, lime, pineapple, melon rind and herbs on the nose. It’s medium-to full-bodied with fresh acidity and a creamy, succulent palate. Excellent concentration and length. Delicious. Drink now.

More info about Losada Godello 2020 http://www.losadavinosdefinca.com/losada-godello

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New vintage of La Bienquerida, a 2019 with great balance and potential

24 de August de 2021

Altos de Losada La Bienquerida 2019, wine from "Las Chas" vineyard
Only 2000 bottles of one of the wines with more followers of Losada Vinos de Finca.

Available in 75cl bottle and presented in a box of four wooden bottles and also in magnum. It is waiting for you!

La Bienquerida 2019, "vino de paraje" (lieu-dit)

#98 Guía de la Semana Vitivinícola 

Ripe and balsamic black fruit, plum skin, green and roasted coffee, liquorice root, peat, flower petal, tobacco, lactic notes. Mineral profile (grey), meaty, spicy, pepper and cumin, fragrant and minty liqueur. Tasty and full-bodied, rich fruity acidity, with elegant bitterness. Great balance and potential

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New Spanish wine classifications gain momentum

18 de August de 2021

Even in DO regions which have emerged in more recent times and those with more challenging climates there is enthusiasm for similar schemes. Bierzo, located at the north-western tip of Castile and León and bordering Galicia, is keen to put villages and locations on the map with both the Vinos de Villa and Vinos de Paraje classifications. Indeed giving the nature of this DO which, like Priorat, tends to feature small vineyard holdings and a rich variety of locations, the move arguably makes good sense having put its flagship red grape Mencía on the wine map.

Here Losada Vinos de Finca has played an important role in defining the new style of Bierzo wines with winemaker Amancio Fernández at the helm. Turning to the region’s new classifications, the bodega is now backing both horses with one Vino de Paraje – Altos de Losada La Bienquerida - and two Vino de Villa wines – Villa de San Lorenzo and Villa de Valtuille de Arriba - already in the market. Fernández is keen to point out that gaining the official classifications are far more relevant for marketing the wines as he explains: “We were already working along these lines in the bodega – our winemaking hasn’t changed – the classifications are geared to help the consumer to discover the diversity on offer.”

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Guía de Vino 2021 Semana Vitivinícola has awarded great scores to Losada Vinos de Finca

13 de July de 2021

Altos de Losada Godello, Villa de San Lorenzo 2019

Perfumed and deep. Ripe white fruit (apple), apple peel. Elegant mineral traces, grey stone and chalk. Collection of peppers, dried herbs and flowers. Creamy lees and elegantly smoky undertones. Great presence on the palate, with elegance, lemony herbs and a unctuous mouthfeel. Fantastic structure and great ageing potential.

El Cepón 2019

Elegant and concentrated. Sweet, ripe wild black berries, bitu men, wax, undergrowth and peat. Fine balsamic notes, clear mineral profile (grey), complex and spicy, with lactic hints at the end of the nose. Fleshy palate, with floral and citrus peel notes. Great structure, rich acidity and silky tannins. Racial, saline, long and with a lot of potential.

La Bienquerida 2019, vino de paraje

Ripe and balsamic black fruit, plum skin, green and roasted coffee, liquorice root, peat, flower petal, tobacco, lactic notes. Mineral profile (grey), meaty, spicy, pepper and cumin, fragrant and minty liqueur. Tasty and full-bodied, rich fruity acidity, with elegant bitterness. Great balance and potential.

Losada Godello 2020

Ripe white fruit and citrus, lime peel, cut grass and hay. Mineral and saline profile, collection of peppers, ginger, herbal infusion, smoky ash undertones. Full-bodied and flavoursome on the palate. Frank, vertical and citric, with great structure and feel. Very long, with potential

Losada 2019

Perfumed. Sweet black fruit, honeycomb wax and plum skin. Red mineral undertone (clay), elegant peppers and fresh balsa mic notes, flower and peat. Elegant palate, measured acidity, savoury toasted notes, smoke, silky tannins. Long and well balanced. iw bris fiunt end

Altos de Losada 2019, villa de Valtuille de Arriba

Black fruit, plums and blackberries, floral notes, waxy notes from the crianza. Sweet and spicy woods, liquorice, leather, coconut water and a slightly lactic undertone. Grey mineral impression. Frank and tasty palate, with a very good acid structure and cre amy tannins. Good fruit content, very long.

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Our most enjoyable summery mencía: El Pájaro Rojo

09 de July de 2021

Our favorite summer wine

El Pájaro Rojo 
A fresh and fruity mencía from old vines between 30 and 40 years old, selected from the coolest areas.
It is a youthful, fresh, fruity wine that shows the variety and the terroir in its maximum essence and is aged in wood for 4 months. It is a young red wine with delicate notes of violets and red fruits, rich, unctuous and velvety in the mouth. It is the perfect accompaniment to pasta, rice dishes, pizzas, barbecues and cold meats.

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Altos de Losada El Cepón, among the 100 best wines of the Norwegian monopoly.

09 de July de 2021

The Norwegian magazine Vinpuls, selects Altos de Losada "El Cepón" among the 100 best rated new wines launched in the Monopoly,

Altos de Losada El Cepón 2017
Spania Castilla y León Bierzo
Bestilling - nr. 12777801
Kr. 394,90, 0 - 12 år
Mørk, tett, intens og elegant vin på mencia-druen, med imponerende fruktighet. Dype mørke bæraromaer mot bjørnebær, solbær og sorte kirsebær. Pepper, vanilje, sedertre, røyk, mineraler og noe balsamisk. Modne tanniner, superlang. Kun 3200 flasker tappet.
Produsent: Losada Vinos de Finca


Shop online El Cepón

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Recipes to accompany Losada Godello, a gastronomic white wine to devour the summer.

09 de July de 2021

El Español proposes some recipes to pair with our Losada Godello 2020. It is good on its own, but it is impressive with food

"Made with Godello grapes from Bierzo, this Losada Godello white wine from Losada Vinos de Finca is the perfect choice to match summer recipes, whatever your plan is."
These are the suggestions to be paired with Losada Godello 2020, healthy, fresh and easy to make

Seafood pasta salad
Golden sardine tacos
Mussels in marinara sauce
Salmorejo of cherry tomatoes
Cherry gazpacho
Baked mackerel with lemon

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Losada Godello: new vintage available, prelude to summer and fun

14 de April de 2021



Urban terrace, attic, porch, balcony or garden, chill out or design. Whatever your style is, it will be your perfect companion.

With the arrival of good weather we relate relaxation with an outdoor lifestyle. We share an aperitif, we banish the clock, we relax looking at the sea or reading a book. All are great pleasures of the coming season. Shall we complete it with one more to share?

Godello Finca Losada 2020, is a fresh wine, ideal for these days of pleasant temperatures, purely gastronomic and ready to enjoy. Fresh and elegant, round and delicate in the mouth, with a citric acidity that brings freshness and invites to drink.

Notes of white fruit previously appreciated on the nose and a sweet finish with mineral touches characteristic of the plot where it was born, slate soils in San Lorenzo and San Esteban de Valdueza, at an altitude of over 600 meters.
It is an unpressed wine aged for 6 months on fine lees 75% in stainless steel and 25% in used 500-liter French oak barrels.

It fits perfectly with fresh dishes such as: avocado Salmorejo, apple Gazpacho, rice salad or spicy tofu scrambled tacos. In general, baked or grilled fish and white meats.

More info Losada Godello 2020

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Finca Losada – von eleganter Mencía und spanischer Chardonnay

05 de April de 2021

Finca Losada wurde im Jahr 2005 gegründet. Von Beginn an ist Amancio Fernández mit dabei und für die Weinbereitung zuständig. Er stammt aus dem Bierzo – sein Vater und Onkel waren bereits Weinbauern – und hat eine Zeit lang als Weinmacher in Ribera del Duero gearbeitet. Für das Losada-Projekt zog es ihn dann wieder zurück in seine Heimatregion.

Jene D.O. Bierzo ist mit etwa 2500 Hektar Rebland eine kleine Appellation. Die Fläche entspricht im Vergleich nur vier Prozent zu jener der DOCa Rioja. Das Gebiet gehört zu Kastilien-León; es grenzt direkt an Galicien und weist einige Gemeinsamkeiten mit dortigen Anbaugebieten wie Valdeorras und Ribeira Sacra auf. Dazu später mehr.

Zum Atlantik beträgt die Luftlinie etwa 100 Kilometer. Da Berge das Bierzo abschirmen, können die Regenwolken vom Ozean nicht ungehindert hereinziehen. Mit jährlich 700 bis 800 mm Niederschlag gehört das Bierzo aber immer noch zum “grünen Spanien”. Gleichzeitig kommt das Gebiet auf über 2000 Sonnenstunden im Jahr. Zudem verfügt es über Höhenlagen, die für kühle Sommernächte sorgen – der Weinbau findet auf 450 bis 800 Metern statt. Lassen wir nun Amancio Fernández zu Wort kommen. Wie beschreibt er das Bierzo-Klima?


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